Trump Secures American Intellectual Property From Foreign Interference

Trump Secures American Intellectual Property From Foreign Interference

( – If you’ve paid any attention to the mainstream media over the last several weeks, you might think President Donald Trump has stopped leading the country. MSM has repeatedly accused him of spending all of his time golfing and watching television. Meanwhile, the commander-in-chief debunks their partisan narratives every day.

Most recently, Trump signed a presidential memorandum that seeks to ensure America remains a leader in the fields of science and technology. On January 14, Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany released a statement explaining the president’s “Securing United States Government-Supported Research and Development” memo. According to the White House official, it will “strengthen the protections” of government research and development against foreign “interference and exploitation.”

Before President Trump took office, the US often saw foreign entities steal its research and technology. China was one of the biggest offenders, which is one of the reasons he took such a hard stance against the Communist regime. Now, as his first term winds down, Trump is continuing to protect American interests. Don’t tell the MSM though, they might actually have to report facts.


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