Trump Sends Fighter Jets to Defend Against North Korea

Trump Sends Fighter Jets to Defend Against North Korea
Trump Sends Fighter Jets to Defend Against North Korea

We aren’t in WW III yet, but it looks like we’re getting closer every day. Kim Jong-un has made it clear that the voice of the UN is falling on deaf ears, and his ego simply can’t tolerate Trump’s “fire and fury” stance. But, our president isn’t letting his troops be sitting ducks. Instead, President Trump has arranged for at least 100 fighter jets to be deployed to areas around North Korea by the 2020’s, with some already in place or on their way.

Fighter Jets in Place

The “Green Knights,” or Fighter Attack Squadron 121 were the first jets to be sent as support. These jets are currently at the Marine Corps Air Station in Iwakuni, Japan. No one is trying to hide their presence, either, as they are being used in South Korea training exercises with the US military this year, an event that Kim Jong-un is taking as a threat. The exercises may not have been intended as a threat to North Korea, but they should serve as a warning all the same.

Future Deployments

Within the next few months, the Pacific region will see dozens of F-35A’s from the 34th Fighter Squadron. More jets are in productuction this year and expected to be deployed to Japan and South Korea sometime in the next 12 months.
Kim Jong-un is trying to flex his muscles by sending missiles over Japan as an indicator that Guam is still in his sights. In the meantime, his crews are working on developing missiles to reach the US mainland. All of this may be a moot point though, since US and Japanese troops are currently practicing drills and assessing the best placement for anti-missile systems.
When it comes to jets, North Korea doesn’t have a leg (or wing, as it were) to stand on. Experts have made it clear that North Korean aircraft which is only capable of hitting top speeds of Mach 1.6 is no challenge for the American F-35 Lightning II.

Meanwhile, President Trump is constantly being questioned when it comes to his motives and methods. The American people asked for something new, and they got it. President Trump has made it clear that he has no interest in caving to any of north Korea’s demands or tantrums. Instead, the president is tweeting about changing the face of the relationship between North Korea and America.