Trump Sets Record with These Appointments

Trump Sets Record with These Appointments
Trump Sets Record with These Appointments

Trump naysayers love to make claims about how terrible he is and how he isn’t getting anything real accomplished – but those claims appear to be false. Behind the scenes, the POTUS has successfully launched a campaign to install a long list of powerful, right-wing judges. As of December 2017, he has officially broken the record for the most appellate judges confirmed in a president’s first year in office, ever. All told, Trump has installed a total of 12 circuit court judges compared to President Obama’s previous record of three.

Circuit Court Appointment Facts

• Bipartisan analysts believe that Trump’s vigor and attention to the installation of right-wing judges is an attempt to sway American justice as a whole. They also believe it is a response to what many right-wing politicians perceived as a softening of justice in the United States.
• The increase in right-wing judges may also be a direct response to perceived shifts in ideologies – particularly to the left. Trump campaigned on “Make America Great Again” in direct contrast to that original liberal shift.
• Although Trump’s efforts have manifested in approximately 6.7 percent change to the appellate court judge system, many analysts believe this will rise steeply over time. One article surmised that Trump may successfully change out a full 30 percent of all judges by the time he reaches his second term.
• While Republicans celebrate their win with each new judge appointed, Democrats continue to point fingers and make accusations. Some leaders have accused Trump of stacking judges in his favor in an effort to garner more support. Others believe Republicans are auto-approving Trump’s choices without scrutiny for the same reason.
• Political science professor Sarah Binder spoke out about such behaviors, calling out Senator Charles Grassley for refusing to follow the “blue-slip” standard. This process allowed senators to block the approval of judges they didn’t agree with in their home state in early nomination.
• Binder also stated that the ABA doesn’t necessarily agree with Trump’s choices. “Grassley’s move undermines Democrats’ parliamentary ability to block Trump nominees in the Senate – even when the American Bar Association (ABA) deems Trump’s picks unqualified for the bench, as has happened with four of 58 nominees.”

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What do you think will happen with more circuit court judges leaning to the right?