Trump Shares Video of Church Official’s Arrest

Trump Shares Video of Church Official's Arrest

( – Democratic lawmakers around the country have passed mask ordinances forcing citizens to cover their faces. President Donald Trump, who was sick with COVID-19, is once again slamming the Left for their rules. And this time, he provided video evidence to support his position.

On October 7, Trump shared a video of an Idaho church leader being arrested on September 23 while attending a psalm-singing event. Gabriel Rench, a church deacon, was one of five people cited after refusing to wear a mask and social distance. He was arrested for failing to provide identification. The president slammed Democrats for the arrest.

Democrats claim the issue of masks isn’t a political issue. The problem with that line of thinking is politicians are the ones making the rules. How is that not political?

One of the tenets of America is “freedom.” Shouldn’t that extend to the people of this country not being forced to wear something they don’t want to wear?

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