Trump Shines in Debate, Grills Biden on Law Enforcement

Trump Shines in Debate, Grills Biden on Law Enforcement

( – On Tuesday, September 29, the American people got their first look at Donald Trump and Joe Biden going head-to-head on the debate stage. Over a tense 90 minutes in Cleveland, moderator Chris Wallace had to intervene continually to prevent the candidates from interrupting each other. Despite this, Trump managed to get the better of most exchanges.

In the wake of months of civil unrest across the United States, law enforcement was an important part of the discussion. It was here that President Trump really took the fight to his opponent. After stating his own unwavering support for the police, the president attacked Joe Biden’s inconsistent stances on defunding law enforcement and dealing with riots. Trump also reminded listeners of Biden’s role in crafting the deeply problematic Violent Crime Control Act and Law Enforcement Act of 1994.

Biden’s cognitive decline, which Democrats have done their best to keep under wraps, was plain to see during the broadcast. He repeatedly fumbled his words and lost his direction mid-sentence. While Donald Trump could confidently answer the questions Chris Wallace put to him, Biden’s determination to stick to pre-prepared material was painfully evident.

While the Liberal media have largely announced a Biden victory in the wake of this debate, Trump’s dominance is clear for unbiased viewers to see. The gap between the two candidates is only likely to widen over the course of their next two encounters.

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