Trump Shows His True Colors… and They Aren't for the Weak

Trump Helps California Fight Fires in an Act of Mercy

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By now everyone is aware of how California’s liberal politics are running the state into the ground. They can’t even control or prevent forest fires properly due to tree-huggers bickering and moaning about “what nature wants” or the consistency of squirrel droppings. So, Trump has generously taken it upon himself to lend out Cold War military satellites to help them spot forest fire formations. Now, maybe they’ll use their time wisely when (not if) another wildfire crisis emerges.

Trump Exposes Fake News on D-Day

D-Day Commemorations began June 4 with Trump reading Roosevelt’s famous prayer in solemn remembrance of the greatest day in history. America’s role in this historic event marked the beginning of the end of Nazi Germany’s reign over Europe. What should have been a day set aside for reflection turned into online political gibberish.
Trump is a busy man, and, unfortunately, he’s had to keep fake news in check ever since he took office. This time HE took the initiative and called out a fake news proponent on Twitter, but that’s all the Left can talk about instead of D-Day’s significance. That’s what happens when your priorities are so obviously mixed up. No surprise from the Left there.

Phony Republicans Don’t Have Trump’s Back Anymore

“The president needs to understand that we’re opposed to these tariffs. We don’t think it’s a smart way forward. The president has his own opinion, he’s a tariff guy but I think we have a lot of folks in opposition.”

These words from Senator Joni Ernst (R-Iowa) reveal how misguided some Republicans are. Trump and his advisors have determined that tariffs are in America’s best interest; so, let’s stand behind the great man in the White House! Ernst had Trump’s back during the national emergency at the border, but now she’s against the trade war. What gives?
Whether or not Ernst is backing out due to opinion or political pressure, the result is the same: America is becoming divided. Unity is our greatest strength. Stand together or fall together.