Trump Slams Biden for Reckless Comments about US Ammunition

Trump Slams Biden for Reckless Comments about US Ammunition

( – President Joe Biden recently sent cluster bombs to Ukraine. The POTUS told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria he did it because the war-torn country is running out of ammo and the US is running low. Former President Donald Trump criticized his successor for the remarks.

On July 11, Trump issued a statement condemning Biden for sending cluster bombs to the US ally, claiming the POTUS was “dragging us further toward” WWIII. He went on to say the munitions that do not explode “will be killing and maiming” innocent Ukrainians. Trump also claimed the president “inadvertently admitted” the US is sending the bombs because it’s running low on ammo, alleging it was a “breach of classified information.” Further, he said the US shouldn’t be sending the country its “last stockpiles” when ours are “perilously diminished.”

The information Biden revealed about the low ammo levels was not new or classified. The Army announced in March that it was boosting production of 155mm artillery shells to 85,000 a month to replenish stockpiles and ensure Ukraine has what it needs. Defense officials were warning about it as far back as 2022.

Doug Bush, the Army’s assistant secretary for acquisitions, logistics, and technology, told The Wall Street Journal that the stockpiles are lower than usual but still very high. He explained that America is “not going to run out.” Bush said there will be a pre-war excess soon.

The law requires the US military to keep a stockpile of munitions and other equipment to supply to the military in case of a conflict. It always has more than what’s required by law, and those munitions have been sent to Ukraine. The White House made that clear in a statement to various news outlets, saying everything sent to help the Eastern European nation is “in excess” of what’s required to maintain readiness. “So, the U.S. is not running out of ammunition ourselves.”

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