Trump Slams Portland Over Statue Desecrations

Trump Slams Portland Over Statue Desecrations

( – President Trump condemned far-left rioters on Monday after statues of former presidents were knocked down by mobs in Portland, OR. During a so-called “Day of Rage” to mark Columbus Day, Black Lives Matter (BLM) followers took to the streets and demolished statues of Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln. Portland has now suffered unrest every day for more than four months, and Trump strongly criticized the city’s Democrat administrators for failing to control the violence.

Blaming the violence on “Biden fools. ANTIFA RADICALS,” Trump reminded voters that federal law enforcement is standing ready to restore order. Federal cops were previously deployed to Portland in July but left after pressure from local leaders and an agreement with the Oregon State Police to protect federal properties in the city if Portland Police Bureau couldn’t manage it.

While federal buildings in the city seem to be safe at the moment, the protests – which, local cops say regularly degenerate into riots – clearly aren’t under control. The president is again urging the city to call for federal assistance.


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