Trump Squelches Media Over NZ Massacre

Trump Squelches Media Over NZ Massacre
Trump Squelches Media Over NZ Massacre

The media likes to pretend they’re not biased, but is that really true? It’s pretty easy to call it a bold-faced lie after seeing what multiple outlets had to say about our President’s response to the tragic events in Christchurch, NZ.
This will shock you….

Key Points:

  • It all started with a horrific active shooter event. A group of eco-facists, led by a white nationalist and neo-nazi by the name of Brenton Tarrant, brutally murdered 50 Muslims at a total of two different mosques on the same day.
  • Tarrant and his support crew burst into the first mosque with military-style semi-automatic weapons and opened fire. The victims included a broad range of individuals, including at least one three-year-old boy and a woman who tried to save her disabled, wheelchair-bound husband.
  • President Trump tweeted that he had been in contact with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern shortly after the situation was brought under control. He wrote that he had “been in contact” with her and that the US would “stand in solidarity with New Zealand,” giving support in any way they could.
  • Prime Minister Ardern spoke with the press a short time later and confirmed she had spoken with Trump. She said that the President had asked her how the US could support New Zealand. Her response? “My message was sympathy and love for all Muslim communities.” She also told reporters Trump had  “acknowledged that and agreed.”
  • Makes sense, right? Well, here’s where things go a little bit sideways. On Monday, March 18, at a White House press briefing, a reporter asked President Trump to give his thoughts on the alleged rise of white nationalism, including whether he felt it was a serious threat. “I don’t really,” he answered honestly. “I think it’s a small group of people that have very, very serious problems.”
  • This response led to an immediate and very public backlash. The most Left-leaning news outlets called Trump out, saying he wasn’t doing enough to acknowledge the role of white nationalism in  terrorist crimes. Some even went as far as to call him a nazi himself despite this viewpoint being abjectly false.
  • Part of the problem stems from the fact that Tarrant, who calls himself an open racist, lauded the President in his 76-page manifesto. Inside the document, which is more of a disjointed rant from a lunatic than anything else, the shooter calls Trump a “symbol of white supremacy” and applauds him for his white nationalist viewpoints.
  • The press, of course, jumped on this, too, saying it’s proof the President isn’t doing enough to put an end to white extremism. But just because some nutjob from Australia says he’s a “white supremacy symbol” doesn’t mean it’s true. In truth, the President has gone out of his way to help thousands of Muslim refugees with resettling in the US this year alone.
  • Later on Monday morning, Trump decided he had had enough. He blasted the media via Twitter, accusing them of “… working overtime to blame [him]  for the horrible attack in New Zealand.” He also wrote that they would “have to work very hard to prove that one.”