Trump Takes A Dive in Legal Bouts for GOP

Trump Takes a Dive in Legal Bouts for GOP

President Donald J. Trump didn’t become a billionaire real estate mogul without a few legal fights along the way. In fact, Trump has reportedly been involved in more than 3,500 legal scrapes to date. In terms of sheer volume, that’s one a day for nearly 10 years. Wikipedia has dedicated an entire page to Trump’s legal bouts. Such litigation has ranged from tussles with celebrity chefs to defamation of character. He even slugged it out with Scotland over a golf course. It’s safe to say the president knows how to go the legal distance and his administration has crafted a Muhammad Ali-like rope-a-dope style of winning by losing.

Bathroom Ruling

The Obama Administration issued federal guidelines with regards to transgender students and bathroom use. Texas led a 12-state coalition challenging the bathroom/locker room rule in court. Because the case was not resolved before Trump took the oath of office, the White House remained embroiled in the litigation. The new administration’s position has been that transgender bathroom issues are for individual states to decide. Pres. Trump opted out of the bathroom guidelines and U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew from the suit giving conservatives states a no-contest win.

Travel Ban

What many politicos deemed a “Muslin ban” was met with a fierce legal assault. In Boston, the administration won big league. But on the liberal-leaning West Coast, District Court Judge James Robart ruled against the executive order and was upheld on appeal. Heading into round three, Trump won’t contest the ruling. Instead, he’s put together an end-around by issuing a new travel ban. The liberal lawyers successfully went toe-to-toe with Trump. However, they just got blindsided by a new travel ban.

Fishy Lawsuit

When the Obama Administration expanded the Endangered Species Act to include a little known prehistoric fish discovered in Missouri, several state attorney generals joined forces and sued. The Pallid Sturgeon apparently breeds in river shallows and these habitats have decreased due to building dams on the Missouri River. But the rule went much further than the area conservationists found the rare fish. The Obama-era rule sought to inhibit diking and even farming in places that had shallow rivers. The fact that the dinosaur descendent wasn’t discovered in these waterways didn’t matter. Led by Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley, a friendly lawsuit is in the works against the president and federal government. We can all expect President Trump to get KO’d in the first round, doing what boxers call “taking a dive.”

ObamaCare vs The GOP

ObamaCare has been touted as the biggest political prize fight of the century. But an under-reported lawsuit pitted House GOP against then-President Obama over direct payments the White House was making. The Affordable Care Act expressly gave Congress the power to write checks to ObamaCare insurers. In an effort to circumvent the purse string power of Congress, the Obama administration made illegal direct payments. A federal judge agreed with GOP lawmakers. In a December appeal, a D.C. Circuit judge put the case on hold, kicking it into Trump’s corner. With the GOP crowd chanting “repeal and replace,” expect Trump to say “no mas.” This amounts to another GOP body blow to ObamaCare and executive overreach as America watches a possible ObamaCare 10-count.
It appears President Trump’s campaign promise of “so much winning” will include some strategic losses in the courtroom as part of the overall plan. Sometimes you have to take a few body shots before you can get the opponent to tap out.