Trump Tax Records In Danger of Being Revealed by Manhattan DA

Trump Tax Records In Danger of Being Revealed by Manhattan DA

( – President Trump has resisted every effort to allow Democrats to cherry-pick his massive tax records to use against him. That’s precisely what happened to Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012.

The prior year, Romney resisted releasing his tax records, knowing Democrats would manipulate his complex filings. Ultimately, he relented, and Democrats didn’t disappoint. They falsely accused him of skirting tax laws and putting money illegally into offshore tax havens.

Last month, the US Supreme Court narrowly ruled that Trump could make the argument before the lower court, explaining why his taxes were not subject to a criminal investigation by the Manhattan District Attorney.

In an amended court filing on Monday, Trump’s attorney’s raised legitimate concerns about the DA’s office, questioning if they were really pursuing a criminal investigation or parroting Congressional Democrats in a political fight that Trump would likely win.

The amended complaint says the request for Trump’s tax records is not appropriate for the allegation made against him. At the heart of the matter, Trump’s attorney accuses the Manhattan District Attorney of issuing the subpoena for Trump’s taxes in bad faith. The DA recently admitted it was not for the grand jury.

If not, then who are the tax records for?

In the filing by Trump’s attorneys, they offered a side-by-side comparison of the House Oversight Committee subpoena and the Manhattan DA’s, accusing the DA of cutting and pasting. They are nearly identical to one another.

Trump is asking for relief from the Southern District of New York in the form of an invalidated subpoena and permanent injunction from revealing his personal and business finances.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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