Trump Team Makes It Official, Asks Judge to Recuse Herself

Trump Team Makes It Official, Asks Judge to Recuse Herself

( – Federal prosecutors have charged former President Donald Trump with crimes related to the attempt to overturn the 2020 election. The case has landed in front of US District Judge Tanya Chutkan, an appointee of 44th President Barack Obama. Trump’s legal team has now gone after the judge.

On September 11, the former president’s attorneys filed a motion to have Chutkan recuse herself. If she refuses, the legal team believes she should be disqualified. They pointed to previous comments the judge made when she was presiding over other January 6 cases. The attorneys wrote that the judge insinuated that Trump should be arrested and put in prison.

Trump’s team included examples of the remarks Chutkan previously made. For example, in one case, she called the attack on the US Capitol “an attempt to violently overthrow the government” and slammed the defendant for being loyal “to one person who, by the way, remains free to this day.” In another instance, the judge claimed the people who encouraged one of the J6 defendants to go to the Capitol had not been charged, but said she didn’t have the power to change that.

The former president’s attorneys argued that Chutkan had already decided his guilt. However, none of the examples listed in the filing included the judge naming Trump as someone she believed to be the real culprit. She just referred to the people she believed were guilty in vague terms.

Trump has repeatedly called out Chutkan on social media. He’s accused her of wanting to see him in prison. The new case isn’t the only time he has had a matter before her courtroom. She’d also denied a request to stop his records from being turned over to the House Select Committee Investigating January 6. In her ruling, she stated, “Presidents are not kings, and the Plaintiff is not president.”

The US Supreme Court requires judges whose “impartiality [might] be reasonably questioned” to step down.

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