Trump Wants to Tell Immigrants to Get Off the Lawn

Trump Tells Immigrants to Get Out
Trump Tells Immigrants to Get Out

Our esteemed President is at it again, doing what he does best: putting his foot firmly down on lax immigration laws. After calling current American immigration laws “insane,” the POTUS asserted that the government should be able to “summarily kick immigrants out” “just as they would if they were standing on your front lawn.”

Key Facts

• The POTUS reminded the public that America is the “only Country in the World that does this. He also lavished praise on our hard-working border patrol officials, saying they are “doing a great job.”
• Trump’s tweeted assertions implored Congress to pass “smart, fast, and reasonable” immigration laws to protect Americans from bad actors. “When people, with or without children, enter our country, they must be told to leave,” he explained.
• The president also took issue with the current system’s backlog and the expense associated with processing illegal immigrants and asylum seekers. The American government spends millions on housing, feeding, and caring for seekers, both young and old, each and every year.
• President Trump also complained about the current concept of hiring more judges to process people through the system more quickly. “Hiring thousands of judges “does not work” he said, suggesting that we should “Tell the people “OUT,” instead.
• Attorney Jeff Sessions takes an even more hardline approach to illegal immigration. He implemented a zero-tolerance policy that saw over 2,000 children separated from their parents at the border due to old, lax laws.
• Part of the current problem is that the largest influx of immigrants coming into the country aren’t Mexican; they’re central American. This effectively means America cannot turn them away back into Mexico at the border, leaving them in limbo.
• The problem remains of what to do with children and families once they arrive when they cannot be turned away. As of right now, children cannot be held in detention centers for more than 20 days. Parents can be held much longer, meaning children often need to be separated and sent into very expensive foster homes or shelters.
• “Ultimately, we have to have a real border, not judges,” the POTUS explained at a press conference last month.