Trump Threatens to Fix Voter Fraud

Trump Threatens to Fix Voter Fraud

( – Across the country, some states are allowing mail-in ballots to keep residents away from the polls to protect them from COVID-19. However, there are legitimate concerns and issues about how to protect against voter fraud. Texas is currently experiencing lawsuits related to mail-in ballots, and the case is heading to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals. Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Tuesday all registered voters would be mailed an application to vote by mail in November.

On Wednesday, President Trump objected and threatened to withhold federal funding from Michigan over its decision. He claims it was made illegally and will lead to voter fraud. Michigan is considered vital to Trump’s re-election.

Is Voter Fraud a Legitimate Concern?

For years, the Democrat-supported media has claimed that voter fraud is not a real issue and that Republicans are trying to disenfranchise voters. A quick Google search titled, “voter fraud mail-in ballots” showed numerous news articles that claim voter fraud either doesn’t exist or is misinformation. However, if one digs enough, the evidence is there to support the allegation.

According to an analysis by the Public Interest Legal Foundation, nearly 1 in 5 ballots never completed the mail voting process from 2012 through 2018. Over 28 million ballots went missing or were misdirected, creating 28 million opportunities for people to cheat. It’s not a secret that mail-in ballots are a significant problem. In 2012, The New York Times said mail-in ballot fraud is significantly more prevalent than voting in person. The Wall Street Journal reported that mail-in ballots in Texas are a mini-industry to consultants who push to get out the absentee vote.

A reporter in Florida experimented in 2011 and discovered how simple it is to commit mail-in voter fraud. The reporter filled out three different voter registration cards; one for herself and two of people who were not alive. In the two instances that were not her, she did not provide a social security number. One of them got through the system and was on the voter rolls. She shares in her article how prevalent mail-in voter fraud is and how some people don’t even know they are a part of it.

Recent incidents reinforce the need for caution and concern. In Nevada, thousands of mail-in ballots were sent to inactive voters, and in Pennsylvania, a Democrat election judge admitted to taking bribes in exchange for stuffing ballot boxes.

The argument that voter fraud is rare should not be accepted. For one, no one knows if that’s true or not. Second, it’s unacceptable that any candidate could lose because of cheating. The idea that it’s even possible undermines our elections and laws. It could also mean that someone is representing constituents in Congress or statehouses that shouldn’t legitimately be there and are voting on policies that the majority of voters don’t agree with.

All necessary steps to alleviate illegal activity need to be taken to protect the integrity of the voting system.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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