Trump to Release Financial Records [PLUS: Gabbard Supports Abortion and Hagerty’s 2020 Race]

Trump to Release Financial Records [PLUS: Gabbard Supports Abortion and Hagerty’s 2020 Race]

Trump to Release Financial Records

President Donald Trump announced that he will be releasing a detailed financial report before the 2020 presidential election from the White House lawn on Monday.

“At some point prior to the election, I’m going to be giving out a financial report of me, and it’ll be extremely complete,” Trump told reporters. He continued, “I’m going to give out my financial condition and you’ll be extremely shocked that the numbers are many, many times what you think. I don’t need to have somebody take a room overnight at a hotel.”

Democrats have been accusing Trump of chasing financial gain by encouraging or forcing government employees to use his hotels and resorts when traveling. Pressure increased recently after the Left learned that Air Force members stayed at Turnberry Resort in Scotland; VP Mike Pence also spent time at Trump International Golf Links & Hotel in Ireland.

The Dems have been barking up this particular tree for a while, but there’s no evidence of any real attempt to seek financial gain. The reality is that The Trump Organization encompasses over 500 different businesses around the world; it would be nigh impossible to have people avoid using them entirely. Furthermore, the president shouldn’t have to disclose such private information – but it will be nice for him to prove them wrong once again.

Presidential Hopeful Tulsi Gabbard Supports Abortion Regulations

Hawaii congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has come out as the first Democratic presidential nominee to say that abortion should not be allowed in the final trimester of pregnancy unless the mother’s life is at risk.

During an interview with Dave Rubin, Gabbard said she is a libertarian in the way that she views abortion laws. While she doesn’t think the government should get involved, she does think there should be restrictions.

Gabbard started off as pro-life. Her attitude changed when she became a member of Congress. Although she is popular with Planned Parenthood, she has decided not to sponsor two popular pro-choice Democratic bills.

It is nice seeing at least one Democrat with a little bit of empathy for unborn children.

Bill Hagerty Running for US Senate

Bill Hagerty, the former US Ambassador to Japan, has announced that he will run for the Senate in Tennessee in 2020.

This announcement comes two months after President Trump initially endorsed him for the role, significantly boosting his popularity.

Hagerty is a staunch supporter of President Trump, and has said that serving in the administration was “the honor of his lifetime.” Now, he wants to join the Senate and aid the RNC in ousting the Democratic socialist agenda – this includes providing support for the border wall. The former ambassador is up against Republican Manny Sethi and Democrat James Mackler.

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