Trump to Text Alerts to Your Cell Phone

Recall Alert! Kielbasa Sausage Has Contaminants
Recall Alert! Kielbasa Sausage Has Contaminants

The President works hard to protect Americans (and fix the country) at all hours of the day and night. When a crisis or emergency arises, he should have the ability to communicate with the entire country quickly, in a reliable way that isn’t easily compromised. That’s why several million Americans will receive an initial test text directly from the President himself on September 20th.

Key Facts

• Admittedly, the message isn’t customized or addressed to individual Americans, so you can’t anticipate a cozy chat about the weather when he texts. Instead, Trump will simply text the system using a predefined message, but it’s the fact that the POTUS is the person pushing that button and communicating with millions that’s so incredible.
• The text, which is set to be sent through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) text alert system, is the first of its kind. While very similar texts have been sent by FEMA in the past, this version will clearly identify itself as special with the subject “Presidential Alert.”
• Inside, the message will read, “THIS IS A TEST of the National Wireless Emergency Alert System. No action is needed.”
• Nearly all wireless carriers in the country will be participating in the test. What this means for you is that you will most likely receive the text sometime on Thursday afternoon. Only some carriers give you the option to “opt out,” of messages, though it isn’t clear why someone would want to opt out in the first place.
• Unlike some of the lefties have been claiming, the President will not be abusing the system to convince people to vote for him. Nor is he about to use the system to push his brand. He doesn’t need to take either of those actions; he has enough support already.
• In fact, such abuse of the Wireless Emergency Alerts System is simply not permitted, no matter who is texting. FEMA first created the system in 2016 to increase safety and aid the government in communicating issues that require rapid response or reactions. The scope of the program simply does not allow for the President to “spam” people – and he wouldn’t do that, anyway.
• Fortunately, most of us know how to use logic and think about a situation before casting barbs. This text is something to celebrate – a marvel of the way technology is changing to keep us safer and ensure a direct link with our most important leader, when times get tough. Think of it as bringing Americans one step closer together for the better of all of us.