Trump to the Rescue in CA

Trump to the Rescue in CA

( – President Donald Trump visited San Joaquin Valley in California on Wednesday, and while he was there, he made a promise to help farmers in the area. That promise did not sit well with California Governor Gavin Newsom, who’s now suing the Trump administration.

Water Deliveries

Residents of San Joaquin Valley have been dealing with poor water quality and water shortages for years. This has had a detrimental effect on local farmers.

Part of the reason the area is experiencing a water shortage is due to government protection of fish populations in the area.

Because hundreds of types of fish were found to be “under pressure,” radical regulations were put into place that prioritized the fish over humans. In response to the regulations, Newsom submitted a new bill of his own, which resulted in sending water out to the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to save some fish.

When President Trump heard that billions of gallons of water were being sent to the ocean instead of helping local farmers, especially in drought conditions, he vowed to do something about it.

In October, the Trump administration started the process of relaxing and overturning many of the regulations in an attempt to bring some relief to residents in the area.


Although Newsom and other Dems aren’t happy about Trump’s new water diversion plan, there are many people in the state who support it.

During the announcement, Trump was surrounded by local farmers and politicians, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Another person present was a spokesperson for the Friant Water Authority.

The Friant Water Authority is a public agency that operates the Friant-Kern Canal that supplies water from the San Joaquin River to 15,000 farms in the area. The agency will play a major role in President Trump’s plan.

Even with all this support, the Dems in California just refuse to go along with anything Trump says, even when it’s obviously beneficial to their constituents.

President Trump ended his remarks with these words for America’s farmers:

“America is a nation built by farmers, who work hard to provide for their families, support their neighbors, and draw out God’s abundance from the Earth. You pour out your sweat and soul, you pour out your heart, you really do. You’re incredible people. You work so hard, and you’re smart as hell.”

Clearly our president holds farmers in high regard, especially compared to Michael Bloomberg. We are not surprised.

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