Trump Urges New U.S. Border Policy

Trump Asks to
Trump Asks to "Make a Deal"

President Trump is demanding a new border policy as of Tuesday’s meeting with lawmakers and representatives from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. “It’s so simple,” he explained. “It’s called, I’m sorry, you can’t come in.”

Key Facts

• The new plan would effectively remove the option for thousands to cross the border illegally and ask for asylum in the first place. However, it isn’t clear whether such a change will ever be approved.
• Trump’s suggestion comes on the heels of intense scrutiny and criticism over nearly 6,000 children being separated from migrant parents at the border. But such regulations have been in place in one format or another since as far back as 1993.
• The POTUS, who had been focused on increasing prosecutions for illegal crossers until just last week, recently reversed his zero-tolerance policy. Instead, he responded to the criticism by placing a temporary moratorium on prosecution of parents who cross into the US illegally with children.
• Attorney Jeff Sessions expressed a similar statement just last week. He stated that anything but a zero-tolerance, no admission policy “would encourage more adults to bring more children illegally on a dangerous journey that puts these children at great risk.”
• The President believes that a zero-tolerance policy would effectively prevent people from trying to cross the border in the first place. This, in turn, would discourage parents from landing in the US, only to have children removed and placed with the HHS at great expense to the US government.