Trump Voter Fraud Commission Proves Elections Are Rigged

Trump Voter Fraud Commission Proves Elections Are Rigged
Trump Voter Fraud Commission Proves Elections Are Rigged

The Al Capone crime syndicate may be long gone, but systematic corruption is alive and well in Chicago. These days, it may be the windy city’s Democratic Party pulling the crime levers, literally. In the November election, Chicago had 1,101,178 voters but tallied up more 1,115,664 votes. Perhaps 14,000-vote discrepancy can be attributed to the murder capital of the nation’s use of new math. Or maybe there’s a more common-sense reason — voter fraud.
Not only did the numbers show a dramatic, potentially election swaying surplus, but reports are coming in that the over-votes appear to be rather evenly distributed from voting poll to voting poll. The power-controlling Democrats are attributing the error to a wide range of counter-intuitive reasons why there are more votes than voters.

Voting The Chicago Way

The Chicago Board of Elections claims the Trump Voter Fraud Commission assessment of the numbers is “patently false.” Apparently 1,101,178 voters and 1,115,664 votes constitutes dead-eye accuracy in Chicago. In an even wilder twist, Chicago voting officials claim that the data that was collected three months after the election doesn’t include a “post-election review of paper ballot applications.” That seems to imply that there are even more votes that were cast and the number of excess ballots could top 16,000, according to reports. If you follow presidential elections, you may recall that Pres. George W. Bush won Florida by a narrow 537-vote margin and Al Gore and the Democrats took that all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.

An Inconvenient Truth

After the November election, Pres. Trump went on the record saying that he believed there was widespread voter fraud across the country. Independent organizations such as Project Veritas posted videos of high ranking Democrat operatives discussing how to commit mass election fraud by busing people across state lines.
When the president concurred that voter fraud was a problem, the Fake News media undertook a smear campaign, calling his claims “unsubstantiated” and making the president’s words seem ridiculous. The network the president commonly refers to as “very fake news” went on to say his fraud claims were “debunked” long before any data was released or analyzed. In classic Trump counter-punching style, the president’s voter fraud commission was formed and empowered to see the issue through. The commission has been met with staunch resistance from he Left to provide voter information and a slew of Democrat-funded lawsuits fighting accountability. If 1.1 million is more than 1.15 million, maybe not checking the math at all is what Al Gore’s new movie calls “Truth to Power?” And maybe ostriches with their heads buried in the sand can watch the sun set from underground as well — maybe.

Criminal Voter Fraud

In July, The Heritage Foundation released data on how many criminal cases of voter fraud have occurred. To date, 47 states had successfully prosecuted 938 of 1,071 pending cases. Among them were illegal immigrants who openly registered and participated in the process.
There have also been accounts of large numbers of mail-in ballots arriving on doorsteps. In San Pedro, California, 80 ballots turned up at a single residence. The ballots were reported by a concerned citizen who was shuffled through some bureaucracy and County Clerk Dean Logan issued a statement claiming, “this appears to be an isolated situation related to a system error that occurred, causing duplicate ballots to be issued to an address entered for a single voter.” In other words, yes, they sent 84 ballots to the same apartment and that’s fine.
The legal immigrant who reported the incident said, “I never saw 84 people” at the elderly woman’s apartment. In another incident, a Mexican illegal immigrant also received a vote-by-mail ballot. Although he is currently petitioning for citizenship, the non-citizen doesn’t even have a driver’s license. He is dumbfounded as to why he received a ballot.
As voting irregularities continue to be exposed nationwide, Democrats seem to dig in their heels and resist harder and harder. Maybe Rahm Emanuel and Al Capone are somehow related. Maybe Pres. Trump finally said what many already believed, the game is rigged.