Trump Vows to Protect Social Security

Trump Vows to Protect Social Security

( – Donald Trump has consistently promised not to make any cuts to Social Security. He did so as a candidate, and he renewed that vow this week.

Democrats have tried, unsuccessfully, to claim the president’s executive order deferring payroll taxes would destroy Social Security. However, a quick review of the facts obliterates that allegation.

For instance, Democratic-hopeful Joe Biden released a digital ad on September 3, claiming the Social Security’s trust fund would run out of money by 2023 as a result of the President’s order.

Politifact quickly disputed Biden’s claim after talking with the actuary who administers the trust fund. Additionally, the publication pointed out Trump’s consistent vow to repay the deferred taxes using “general revenues” and Congressional support.

The Washington Post, no friend to the president, took it a step further, awarding Biden’s claim Four Pinocchios, writing that the Social Security plan Biden referenced “does not exist.”


Here’s the thing, Biden doesn’t even have a plan for Social Security. Sure, his website has a page about the program, but at best, it’s a wish-list without any specifics.

The bottom line on this issue is clear. President Trump consistently vows to protect Social Security and has kept that promise. End of discussion.

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