Trump Vows To Strip Schools of Funding

Trump Vows To Strip Schools of Funding

( – Former President Donald Trump is laying out his 2024 platform. He recently made it clear he will focus on schools as one of his top priorities. Specifically, ensuring that college-level critical race theory (CRT) does not make it into classrooms.

One of the key issues on Trump’s campaign website is “Protect Parents’ Rights.” The description under the heading on his site tells supporters he “fought tirelessly to restore patriotic education” to the American school system while in office. It also points out he protected the First Amendment rights on campuses and “secured permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).”

The 45th president goes on to promise to remove federal funding from “[s]chools that push critical race theory, radical civics, and gender insanity.”

Critical race theory is an academic concept dating back decades. Its core idea is that racism has embedded itself into all aspects of American society, specifically the government’s policies and systems. Scholars use the theory to explain disparities in the criminal justice system and other aspects of the government.

Republicans have accused liberal teachers of bringing the theory into classrooms to make White students feel guilty about their race. They also believe CRT teaches children to hate themselves. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) has outlawed it in his state.

In addition to Trump’s promises regarding education, his website claims he will secure the border and make America safer. He intends to “deputize the National Guard and local law enforcement” to help deal with the crisis along the Southern border. And just like the vows he made in his first term, the website promises to create a merit-based immigration system that will protect American jobs.

Trump is the only Republican who has announced a bid for the 2024 GOP nomination for the White House.

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