Trump Wall Creating Illegal Border Races

Trump Wall Creating Illegal Border Races
Trump Wall Creating Illegal Border Races

“You better run for the border before Nov. 8.” That’s the word being spread to our neighbors down south, like Mexico, Central America, Haiti, and others. Would-be illegal immigrants are being told they need to hurry up and get to America while they still can. They’re being driven by the narrative that if they get here before Nov. 8, they’ll either receive amnesty from Hillary Clinton if she wins the presidency, or if Donald Trump wins, they will get in ahead of the great wall that Trump has proposed.
As a result of the rumors that are spreading like wildfire, there is chaos on the southern borders right now the likes of which the border patrol hasn’t seen in many years.
“We are overwhelmed,” said a veteran agent in McAllen, Texas. “We are seeing 800 to 1,000 apprehensions every night.”
While Texas is getting most of the Mexican and Central American traffic, California and Arizona are dealing with thousands upon thousands of Haitians.
“And, of course, there are a number of radical Islamics that are slipping in unnoticed alongside the others.”
It sounds heartless to say that we simply CAN’T keep taking them. Yes, we know their situations are dire. They are running for their lives. But illegal immigrants are already using more resources than we have to give right now, to the point where we can no longer take care of our own. If we don’t get our nation’s boundaries drawn like every other country in the world, clamp down on the traffic over the border, and enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books, we risk allowing our entire infrastructure to collapse from the sheer weight of their numbers.
If that happens, then where would we be? If we don’t get a handle on this NOW, America is going to end up looking like the countries these people are running away from. If we struggle with what appears to be the inhumanity of it–which is understandable, most of us have at least some compassion–then consider thanking God every single day of our lives for allowing us to be Americans. Then return the favor by helping to make sure our own are taken care of. Wanting to save the world is a noble goal. Sadly, it’s not so practical.
We can still allow people to share the American dream with us and help keep America the glorious melting pot that it’s always been. But we just need to do it in a orderly fashion so that new immigrants can be assimilated into our culture one individual at a time, one family at a time. And we’re better able to keep out those who would cause harm to our country who are coming across the borders with the other illegals every day.
You know when you’re on an airplane and the flight attendant instructs you how to put on your oxygen mask? They always tell you to put on your mask before you try to help others put on theirs. At first, this seems a little harsh. If your child is seated next to you, your natural instinct is to get their mask on first. But if you do that, you’re no good to them or anyone else. Right now, America is running around without an oxygen mask trying to save the world. And it’s killing US.