Trump Wants Obama to Testify

Trump Wants Obama to Testify

( – President Donald Trump is demanding answers. After learning his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn was unmasked by a long list of his predecessor’s officials, he wants former President Barack Obama to testify in front of the Senate. Now, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is being asked to make it happen.

On May 14, Trump told Graham to call Obama to testify.

The president’s request came after Graham told “Fox & Friends” he wants to know why General Flynn was unmasked during the presidential transition. Was there a “national security reason” to do it? He went on to say he believes Obama officials were trying to “get rid of Flynn,” and may have used the intelligence community to “act on a political vendetta.”

The former president should absolutely have to answer for what his administration did. How are Americans supposed to trust a government that spies on them? Our democracy would be untenable if that were allowed to happen.

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