Trump Wants Out of Treaty With Russia

Trump Wants Out of Treaty With Russia

( – President Trump has been accused and mocked for alleged collusion with Russia for years. Yet time after time, investigations fail to find any evidence. Even after a ruling of no collusion came forth four individual times, the Left persisted. But this time, President Trump just may have delivered the final nail in the coffin of the Left’s flimsy logic.

He’s planning to pull out of the Open Skies treaty with Russia.

The 35-nation Open Skies Treaty was originally designed to allow surveillance flights over the United States and Russian territories. So far, none of the other countries have confirmed a plan to break free of the treaty — but this may happen in the coming weeks.

Ironically enough, the Left were the ones telling Trump to preserve the treaty, claiming breaking it would make the United States less “safe and secure.” But the Trump Administration found “multiple instances of Russia refusing to comply with the treaty” in a six-month period. What other option could the president have?

Trump has refused to be bullied once again, asserting our country as a nation that refuses to become involved in unfair or malignant deals. The commander-in-chief did mention his willingness to renegotiate, should conditions change. But the real hope is that Russia will do the smart thing and simply abide by the rules!

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