Trump Wants to Keep Tax Returns Secret

Trump Wants to Keep Tax Returns Secret

This past week, President Trump’s lawyers petitioned the Supreme Court for permission to keep his tax returns secret. This is the first time that any of the cases involving Trump’s tax returns have made its way to the top court in the country.

The request is being made in hopes of overturning a Federal Appeals court’s decision that declared Trump’s accounting firm must turn over eight years of his personal and corporate tax returns to the Manhattan District Attorney’s office.

While the court could decline to hear the case, one of the president’s attorneys, Jay Sekulow, has made it clear how important it is for the court to hear the request. In the request, Sekulow said it’s imperative for the court “to decide the important and unsettled issue this dispute raises. Whether the District Attorney’s issuance of criminal process demanding the President’s records violates the immunity that he holds under Article II and the Supremacy Clause of the Constitution.”

A minimum of four justices will have to vote in favor of hearing the case for it to move on to the next step in the process.

We’ll let you know what they decide.

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