Trump Wants UN To Hold China Accountable for COVID

Trump Wants UN To Hold China Accountable for COVID

( – President Trump addressed the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, September 22, and left the international organization with no doubts about just how seriously his administration takes the coronavirus pandemic. Strongly criticizing the Chinese communist regime for its role in spreading the disease, he called for international action to hold Beijing accountable, and vigorously defended the US from repeated accusations.

Report Shows China Could Have Stopped COVID Early

Trump reminded the Assembly China quickly shut down internal travel when the pandemic began, particularly between Wuhan and the rest of China, but allowed international flights to leave Wuhan, helping the disease spread around the world. He also pointed out that when he placed travel restrictions on China, the regime objected.

A report released two days ago by the House Foreign Affairs Committee says China might have prevented the pandemic and reduced cases in its own country by 95% had it responded properly and not tried to cover up the initial outbreak.

The president also criticized the World Health Organization (WHO), a UN agency, for its behavior during the pandemic. Trump slammed the WHO for repeating false claims made by the Chinese communists without vetting information.

For example, the WHO parroted the claim that there was “no evidence” the disease was spread from human to human, and, later, that people with no symptoms weren’t infectious. China knew both these claims were lies, according to the president. The WHO didn’t bother to fact-check because, as Trump claims, it is “virtually controlled by China.”

Trump Calls For UN to Fix Real Problems – Including China

After he called for the UN to hold China accountable for the virus, and the international community to investigate what went wrong with Beijing’s response, Trump explained that the US has:

  • Rapidly developed life-saving treatments
  • Reduced the fatality rate by 85%
  • Three vaccines in clinical trials

He suggested that China’s record, which focused on covering up the origins of the disease and avoiding responsibility, does not compare favorably.

In closing, the president told the UN that if it wants to remain effective, it needs to focus on real problems and stop unjustly criticizing the US. He pointed out that while America is often denounced for its environmental policies, China emits twice as much carbon, devastates fish stocks and dumps plastic waste into the ocean. In reality, he said, critics are motivated by anti-Americanism, not concern for the environment. “I will not stand for it,” he stated.

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