Trump’s 3-Point Plan of Attack

Trump’s 3-Point Plan of Attack

( – 2020 is a year that will define America’s future for generations. The presidential election is still more than four months away, but President Trump isn’t wasting any time. He is painting a picture of how America will move forward in contrast with liberal Democratic policies.

1. Economic Regrowth

In May, retail sales growth saw the most robust growth on record. Yet, it was still $403.9 billion less than in February, signaling the economy has a long way to go. Despite the current economic situation, consumers are indicating they are ready to spend money. According to Citizens Financial Group, debit card purchases picked up significantly in recent weeks, and online sales have continued to grow. If the economy continues to improve in the third quarter, Trump can easily say he wasn’t responsible for the collapse and is leading the recovery.

2. Bring Business Back From China

Trump is blaming China for not doing more to stop COVID-19 before it spread internationally. China is the real villain and should face the consequences. He will call for more US businesses to return to the United States, and fight to continue to balance the trade gap with China in the US’s favor.

3. Law and Order

Finally, Trump is contrasting himself as the law and order candidate as Biden and Democrats move further left on social justice.

In particular, Trump will remind America that Democrats are calling to defund the police amidst riots and hostile takeovers by thugs in parts of US cities. Trump recently tweeted that he will not decrease funding. Instead, he will seek to increase funding to police.

It’s rare that an election has this strong of a contrast. This could make it easier for Americans to choose a candidate that will best represent their hopes and dreams.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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