Trump’s Campaign Team Hits the Streets

Trump's Campaign Team Hits the Streets

( ) – Patriots in Wildwood, New Jersey have spent the night on the sidewalk since Sunday just to reserve their spot in line for the next Trump rally. Hotels were sold out and previous rallies have been packed full. They didn’t want to miss their chance to watch the president deliver on his promises.

That’s the power of President Trump’s re-election campaign team in action.

The team isn’t just playing it safe by holding rallies and support drives in pro-Trump territory. They’re going into swing states and right into the heart of liberal cities. Vice President Mike Pence is joining that effort as evidenced by his visit to Madison, Wisconsin.

Milwaukee’s private school voucher program has gained quite a bit of popularity over the past three decades of its runtime. Pence is visiting Madison in an attempt to show Liberals how effective the voucher and other conservative programs are if given a fair chance. Madison is a well-known hotbed of liberal ideologues, but that doesn’t mean some of them can’t be swayed to Trump’s side for the 2020 elections.

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