Trump’s Faith in Voters Prevents Impeachment Concerns

Trump’s Faith in Voters Prevents Impeachment Concerns
Trump’s Faith in Voters Prevents Impeachment Concerns

They say if you have enemies, it means you had something to stand for. I guess that’s just the case for President Trump.
There’s been a lot of talk about impeachment in recent days – mostly, more of the same bluster we’ve seen since the President first stepped into office. In fact, it’s starting to feel as if we have this conversation every single week. But here we are, once again helping to deflect the Left’s insane, completely unfounded claims that the President is somehow a criminal deserving of impeachment.
But is the President really worried about these continuing threats of impeachment? Not at all. And that’s exactly exactly what he said to Reuters, this week, in an Oval Office interview.

Key Facts

  • President Trump spoke with Reuters reports this week, who asked him if he found the threats worrisome. “I’m not concerned, no,” he said. “I think that the people would revolt if that happened.”
  • Threats stepped up in recent days after Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, was convicted of “financial crimes” committed during his 2016 campaign. Shortly after the judge handed down his sentence, Cohen attempted to apologize by shifting the blame onto the President. “My weakness could be characterized as a blind loyalty to Donald Trump.”
  • The Left latched onto Cohen’s then-alleged crimes as proof that the President was playing the long con game months ago. Even now, they tout Cohen’s fall from grace and accusations as “proof” of Trump’s “criminal activity.”
  • Even federal prosecutors seem to be on the attack, claiming that the President coordinated and directed Cohen to make hush payments to women threatening to go public about affairs. If it were true, this would be a violation of federal campaign law – but there’s absolutely no proof to back it up.
  • Trump, like many of us, made it clear that if Cohen committed any crimes on his “behalf,” he was completely unaware of it. “Michael Cohen is a lawyer,” Trump said. “I assume he would know what he’s doing.” After all, isn’t that the entire point of hiring a lawyer?
  • This raises the question of exactly why it would be fair to attempt to hold someone responsible for crimes committed by their lawyer . Even if there were any proof campaign law was broken, it would be Cohen who was at fault, not the President himself.
  • As for whether the country would revolt if the President is impeached, there is some evidence to prove this is a real, legitimate risk. Several right-leaning organizations have vowed to take up arms, protest, or create militias to defend the President if and when the Left attempts impeachment. Like many of us, they see it as an unfair and unjust attempt to push liberal ideologies.