Trump’s Latest Border Security Measure

Trump's Latest Border Security Measure

America’s southern border with Mexico has always been a hotspot for illegal immigrants to enter our country. Illegal crossing records were shattered in 2019 making this the most active year in a decade. To combat this massive influx of immigrants, the Trump administration has enacted and revised countless immigration policies to stem the tide.

Trump’s most recently proposed regulation would allow US authorities to collect and document DNA samples of illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

The New Ruling

If passed in its current form, the new regulation will collect DNA samples and store them in a massive FBI-owned Combined DNA Index System. Any immigrant attempting to illegally cross between ports of entry will have their DNA information collected. Legal immigrants and children under 14 years old are exempt from this ruling, and legal asylum seekers may or may not be exempt as well.

A DNA Treasure Trove

The Combined DNA Index System currently stores the DNA information of roughly 14 million convicted criminals, 3.6 million arrestee profiles and 966,782 forensic profiles. It’s proved to be an invaluable resource as the DNA data has been referenced in over 469,534 investigations. Trump’s new ruling will be a significant addition to this storage system.

This new policy will be immensely useful for the prosecution of illegal immigrants who are already here. There are already too many accounts of illegal immigrants who are also sexual predators acting on their impulses. Having their DNA already on file makes it that much easier for our legal system to process these individuals.

ActivistsAre Already Speaking Out

Like clockwork, Liberal activist groups are already denouncing this new regulation. They’re primarily concerned with privacy issues and the potential misuse of genetic data. They believe that this DNA information might be used, even if the individual in question doesn’t commit crimes beyond crossing the border illegally — which is a CRIME!! Hello?

So, as long as illegal immigrants play nice AFTER they break the law to enter our country, they’re supported by Leftists.

Meanwhile, Liberals ignore the record-high rates of illegal border crossing attempts. Over 810,000 arrests were made during the 2019 fiscal year, but there could be thousands more who entered undetected. Apparently, nearly one million known attempted border crossings shouldn’t be a crime according to these activists.

We’re still awaiting further commentary from the Justice Department about the new regulation. Until then, what do you think about the potential privacy concerns of collecting DNA samples from illegal immigrants? Tell us in the comments.

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