Trump’s One Key to Re-Election

Trump's One Key to Re-Election

( – In politics, it doesn’t matter how great one is at solving problems when attacks from outside and within are persistent and effective. That’s certainly true of President Donald Trump. Since inauguration day in 2017, he has had to go up against the media, Democrats, and swamp bureaucrats who are threatened by the policies he has enacted to “Make America Great Again!”

In the process, Trump has fought against:

  • A false racism label
  • The Russian hoax
  • An absurd impeachment
  • The devastating economic impact of decisions by liberal governors during COVID-19
  • The Deep State, who continues to leak false information to the media whose all too willing to run with it, even if they know it’s not true

Some voters who deeply support the president’s agenda may be getting worn out by the fighting and chaos. They may think enough is enough and feel discouraged that for all of Trump’s successes, no one knows about them because of the chronic state of affairs over Democrat’s obsessive desire to oust him from office at all costs.

Even still, hope isn’t lost for Trump to win in 2020.

Are Liberals Exhausting Voters?

When it comes to conservative policy, there is only one rival to Donald Trump: Ronald Reagan. However, Reagan had a unique ability that is escaping Trump right now. It’s the difference between winning and losing this fall. It’s the one thing that is holding Trump back.

Politics is a people business. For the average voter, they don’t care about conservative vs. liberal or Democrat vs. Republican. They don’t listen much to the news and they aren’t informed about how policy influences their lives. Unfortunately, what they see are political parties attacking or defending one another while perceiving nothing is being done for them, whether that’s the case or not.

There is no question that President Trump is a patriotic American who loves his country. There is no question he is fighting for the conservative policies he believes are right for America. The truth is, he is very good at fighting back against his opponents.

However, that will last only so long before people become tired and burned out. Some don’t want to constantly be defending either the man or his record from those who refuse to acknowledge the facts.

This is exactly where Democrats want the country to be. They want Trump supporters to give up and walk away. It’s a form of voter suppression, a term they love to throw around when they are losing on the issues.

Fortunately, there is an antidote.

What’s the One Thing Trump Can Do To Ensure Victory in November?

In a June 30 Pew Research poll, only 41% of respondents said the president does not care about “people like me.” Biden polled at 54%. All of the right economic, foreign, and domestic policies will not solve that one problem. It’s the one that he has to solve immediately.

In 2016, Trump spoke about matters that helped the middle class, blue-collar Americans in the rust belt connect with him. Trade stole their jobs, left them near or in poverty, and destroyed their futures.

He talked about Obamacare and its disastrous effects on small business owners stuck in the middle of the affordability question.

And, he was able to show them he cared more about Americans than Hillary Clinton. He defined her as a career politician whose only concern was power and prestige and did not have America’s best interest at heart.

Trump supporters get it. They know what he has done.

Unfortunately, Democrats are successfully positioning themselves as the “we care” candidates with help from the media.

That’s despite Biden and Democrats saying they will:

  • Undo tax cuts and create harmful regulations that put less money into working American’s pockets
  • Defund police who protect families and businesses against crime
  • Increase the Deep State’s abilities to exert more influence over people’s lives
  • Separate Americans into classes through the devastating effects of identity politics

If Americans are missing how much Trump cares for them, it’s because either he isn’t saying it in a way that it can be received, or voters do not hear it through the political chatter and fighting. It’s probably a bit of both. One thing is certain: Biden can’t do it. He can’t even talk without mumbling or confusing his words.

If Trump can connect the dots with voters and show them how much he cares about them, he will win the election. It’s possible it could even be a landslide.

By Don Purdum, Freelance Contributor

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