Trump’s Plan for Gun Rights is Scaring the Hell Out of People

Trump’s Plan for Gun Rights is Scaring the Hell Out of People
Trump’s Plan for Gun Rights is Scaring the Hell Out of People

One of the biggest issues on President Elect, Donald Trump’s table is the Second Amendment in the Bill of Rights.
“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”
This amendment doesn’t just give people the right to bear arms; it protects their existing right to do so, and that’s exactly what Mr. Trump claims he will enforce. He shares these thoughts on his own website specifically addressing the Second Amendment and what he plans to do with it.
“The Second Amendment to our Constitution is clear. The right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed upon. Period.”
Consider the person who is trying to defend his or her family and home against an intruder. It can take what seems like forever for the police to arrive. Family leaders need to be able to exercise their right to safety and to defend themselves and their families within seconds. That’s not all gun rights aim to protect.
Why do we need a well regulated Militia?
It’s purpose is to defend ourselves from enemies both foreign or domestic. As history has repeated itself many times, when a governmental leader or group in power thinks it can take advantage of its citizens and ignore the will of the people—disarmed citizens historically have very little say in the matter. Those in power get too powerful and the disarmed citizen’s votes carries about as much weight as a “gun free zone” sign in a bad neighborhood.
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We the People give our Government power to protect our rights—and we must have the balance of power to take them away if our rights are being infringed upon or a misuse of power threatens any of our freedoms. These are harsh concepts, but make no mistake about it—misuse of power is a very real threat in modern times, evidenced by the global and domestic forces attempting to disarm our country’s citizens through illegal legislation.
The Supreme Court Justices have a lot of say when it comes to interpreting and enforcing legislation; in fact, that’s their main function. With Antonin Scalia’s seat still open and Congress not making any moves to fill it, that will likely be Trump’s first seat to fill, but probably not his last. Some say there could be as many as 4 seats vacated in the next 4 years. The President Elect’s list of potential justices to take those seats includes conservatives who are likely to maintain Trump’s standing on policies like gun control.
While the Obama administration was busy trying to reduce or eliminate rights of gun owners, Trump’s stance is that gun rights need to be expanded to include a National Right to Carry, and an end to ineffective restrictions on types of guns or magazines that citizens can buy.
For those who are concerned about who may get their hands on firearms during Trump’s time in office, it appears he sees the flaws in the background check system and aims to fix them rather than create a harsher system.
But what about those who can not buy guns legally?
Donald Trump is well aware that criminals aren’t going to care about background checks or the right to carry. That’s why he wants to reinstitute things like Project Exile, a program that focused on any kind of illegal possession of guns. The program relied on the federal courts and denied both bail and parole to those convicted, offering a 5 year sentence for each conviction. The result was a 22% yearly decrease in homicides that involved firearms in Richmond, Virginia where Project Exile was implemented.
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There are still some very real concerns when it comes to gun ownership and mental illness. Trump’s solution is to expand access to mental health options for those who need it so that we don’t find out the hard way after mass shootings, that someone is in desperate need of help.
Part of what made America great in the first place was the fact that our founding fathers recognized that human beings had some basic rights that no government should be able to take from them—because if given the option—that’s exactly what Governments tend to do… abuse their power. If you challenge that notion, just read your history books folks.
We weren’t granted these rights by any man or institution. They were ours to begin with and the Bill of Rights simply aimed to protect them… from tyranny or any other misuse of power. President Elect, Donald Trump claims he will protect the citizens’ right to bear arms.
That’s good news to most of us.