Trump Points Out Other Countries Doing More for Immigration to US than Dems Are

In a tweet guaranteed to get all Democrat panties in a wad, President Trump pointed out a painfully obvious issue. Even Mexico is working harder to deal with illegal immigrants getting into the US than Democrats are.

The Migrant Protection Protocols provide an avenue under which asylum-seekers are set to wait in Mexico for approval to be in America. The 9th circuit court upheld the protocols, but Democrats were ready with a bill to prevent the use of federal funding for these aims. Instead, they want to keep asylum-seekers here and use taxpayer funds to take care of them.


Yeah, we don’t get it either, other than knowing that Democrats will do anything to go against whatever our president might propose, no matter if it makes sense or not. So, if we’re going to talk about wasting federal funding, we might start with things exactly like this.