Trump’s Real Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

Trump’s Real Response to the Las Vegas Shooting
Trump’s Real Response to the Las Vegas Shooting

If you were on social media after the Las Vegas shooting, you were likely to see cries of outrage over the shooting itself, demands for stricter gun control laws, and hefty amounts of blame aimed at President Trump. Politicizing the deaths of more than 50 people and injuries of 500+ others is really low — but it is still happening.
Trump has been blamed for the shooting based on his own stance on gun control, and a bill revoking legislation for stricter gun control limits on those diagnosed with mental illnesses.
Regardless of the fact that those limits wouldn’t have stopped the shooter from buying guns, the bill was pushed on social media as if Trump had just signed it yesterday. We thought you might like to know how our president really responded, and some of the truth that lies behind revoking the prevention of gun sales to those with mental health issues.

Trump’s Immediate Response and Plans

President Trump immediately took to Twitter and offered condolences and blessings to the victims and their families. He also presented a speech that called the shooting “an act of pure evil,” stressing that Americans cannot allow acts like these to divide them.

President Trump has planned a visit to Las Vegas on Wednesday, allowing for his visit to Puerto Rico on Tuesday, and giving the city some time to grieve the heavy losses it faced.

H.J. Res 40

The bill signed into effect by President Trump, H.J. Res 40, was signed back in late February. It rolled back an Obama-era resolution that would limit the ability of those who were mentally unfit to handle their finances and anyone receiving Disability because of a mental illness to purchase guns. It would have added some 75,000 names to a background check database, and it violated the Second Amendment rights of Americans, mentally ill or not.
President Trump is no more responsible for the Las Vegas shooting than you are. He signed the bill into effect because he understood things like not being able to manage your finances effectively does not equate not knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Gun Laws and Mental Health

Yes, some of the shooters through modern history have had a history of mental illness. However, the most recent and deadliest shooting in Las Vegas was done by a man with no history of mental illness revealed to date.
The bottom line? Crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, so they aren’t likely to seek help for it.
When Americans cry out for stricter gun laws, they don’t take medical trends into account. A diagnosis of depression is one of the most common medical diagnoses. In the past, depression was thought to be due to a chemical imbalance, but today we know that it is often induced by circumstances. Almost anyone who ever experiences a significant tragedy is going to experience a bout of depression, maybe even take medication for it. Not only that, but seeking help for mental health issues is something we should encourage, not penalize. Should they lose their constitutional rights because they responded as any human being would to a tragic event?
From what the current evidence shows, there is only one person responsible for yesterday’s tragedy, and it isn’t the president.