Trumps Scores Epic Economic Easter Miracle

Trumps Scores Epic Economic Easter Miracle

( – President Trump had a huge win over the weekend. He helped broker a historical oil deal, saving hundreds of thousands of energy jobs in the US.

Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia threatened to raise oil production by up to 10 million barrels a day in retaliation over a collapsed deal between OPEC and Russia. The oil war between the two countries threatened to worsen the already crippled economy by flooding the markets. 

In an effort to ease tensions and help save American oil-producing companies, President Trump worked with the world leaders, implementing one of the largest oil production cuts in history. 

While this historical deal is good news for both the oil industry and consumers, many analysts believe it may have come “a little too late.” They believe price wars between Russia and Saudi Arabia have already caused too much damage. 

With world economies continuing to be held hostage by the coronavirus outbreak, analysts believe the things will only get worse as oil demands around the globe continue to fall. 

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