Trump’s Tax Returns, Obamacare Appeal and the Unpatriotic Washington Post

Democrats Still Trying to Get Trump’s Tax Returns

The Left’s ongoing battle for Trump’s financial records rages on.

Democrats just won’t give up. They’re having a contest with themselves on who can waste as much time as possible and not actually do any kind of work to help the country. The Democratic House Ways and Means committee actually filed a lawsuit to achieve that goal. This lawsuit is asking for a subpoena to obtain Trump’s tax returns and other financial information.

The Treasury Department has already stated that the President’s tax returns are not needed for any reason. Even if the Dems get Trump’s records, he says nothing will change. It looks like this is a fight that could continue for a long time.

Obamacare Appeal Won’t Be Postponed

The 5th US Circuit Court of Appeals declined to delay arguments to get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Although, they have given state attorney general’s additional time to file requested briefs. The three judges that will be presiding over the appeal are all conservative leaning, which means the appeal might have a chance at being approved. Obama Care was a disaster and few will miss it.

Whatever happens, the Right is focused on resolving this case quickly as it’s causing a lot of uncertainty for patients, insurers and healthcare providers.

Washington Post’s Unpatriotic Warning to Americans

President Trump’s Fourth of July celebration is sure to be an event worthy of our great country’s attention. Not surprisingly, some people on the Left are not excited about such a grand display of our freedom and power.

The Washington Post falls into that category. They decided to post an article warning Americans not to be taken in by the Fourth of July festivities. The news outlet also told its viewers to be wary of the trappings, spectacles and “false” rhetoric of Trump.

The Left is more than welcome to go and hide in their safe spaces while proud Americans celebrate the birth of our country properly.

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