TSA Confirms Uptick in Number of Travelers

TSA Confirms Uptick in Number of Travelers

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 2020, air travel was at its lowest point in years. Americans were afraid to take trips during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and for good reason — the virus was killing thousands every day. The country is finally starting to get back to normal and air travel is picking up. In fact, it just broke a pandemic record.

On June 28, TSA Spokesperson Lisa Farbstein announced the agency screened 2,167,380 people on Sunday, breaking a pandemic record. It was the second time in as many days the numbers were record-breaking. The previous day, TSA screened 2,137,584, more than three times the number (632,984) of people they’d checked the year before.

AAA expects that number to be shattered on the 4th of July weekend, predicting as many as 3.5 million air travelers.

The recent numbers show the country is ready to start living their lives again. They want to start doing the things they did before the pandemic ravaged the country. Now lawmakers want to know when the CDC and TSA plan to update their mask mandates to reflect the vaccination rates in the country. Neither agency has made any announcements as to when that could happen.

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