Tucker Carlson Interviews Obama Accuser Larry Sinclair

(UnitedVoice.com) – When former President Barack Obama was running for the White House in 2008, a man came forward and alleged he’d had a drug-fueled sexual encounter with him. That man, Larry Sinclair, is back in the spotlight 15 years later, after sitting down for an interview with Tucker Carlson.

On September 6, Carlson aired his interview with Sinclair. During the 42-minute interview, he detailed what he claimed happened with the former POTUS. According to Sinclair, he ran into Obama in 1999 and gave the former president $250 to buy cocaine.

Sinclair told Carlson that Obama smoked crack while he snorted powder cocaine. He went on to say that he had two sexual encounters with the former president in Chicago. One of them took place in the back of a limo, and the other in a hotel room.

Ahead of Carlson’s interview airing, Sinclair published a video saying he’d been through “15 years of hell” since first making the allegations.

The story doesn’t appear to have impacted the former president yet. He has not responded to the allegations, but there have been some surprising critics of the interview. Not everyone is convinced Sinclair was telling the truth. Elon Musk, the owner of X, said the “probability that his claims are true would have to rest on objective evidence,” not the word of the accuser, who has a “dubious history.” The billionaire was likely referring to Sinclair’s failed 2008 lie detector test the last time he made the allegations along with his extensive criminal record.

Dave Portnoy, the conservative owner of Barstool Sports, responded to the interview, saying he met Sinclair when he was with Carlson a few weeks ago. He said the accuser was the “least trustworthy human [he’d] ever laid eyes on.”

For his part, Carlson didn’t express an opinion one way or the other. He told his audience to make up their own minds.

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