Tucker Carlson Says Biden Crossed a Line With His Hateful, Dangerous Speech

Tucker Carlson Says Biden Crossed a Line With His Hateful, Dangerous Speech

Tucker Carlson Issues Ominous Warning – Says A Line Has Been Crossed

(UnitedVoice.com) – The midterm election is about to gear up now that Labor Day is past. Some polls suggest the Democrats may have a ray of hope to keep the Senate, and their losses could be less significant than predicted a few months ago. The top issues aren’t appearing to change in recent weeks as inflation, crime, education, taxes, and abortion are the main concerns for many voters.

Still, President Joe Biden continues to bail on his campaign promise to unite America. Now, he’s positioning himself as one of the most partisan and divisive leaders in modern US history. On Thursday, September 1, the president gave a speech in Philadelphia about the “Soul of the Nation.” In a campaign-style presentation, he portrayed Republicans who support Donald Trump as a threat to the nation. Moments after he concluded his primetime address, Fox News host Tucker Carlson said he crossed a line in the dangerous lecture.

Tucker Carlson Calls Biden’s Speech Hateful and Dangerous

Carson, an unapologetic conservative, heavily criticized the president’s saber-rattling. He warned that the current White House occupant was pushing America into a dangerous situation with his hateful rhetoric. The Fox News host pointed out that the commander-in-chief essentially declared anyone who didn’t agree with him a threat to the United States.

Carlson noted that while Biden raged against Trump and his supporters, he said the symbolism showed something different. As the nation’s top Democrat, the news host insinuated the real risk came from the guy standing in front of a “blood-red Nazi background and Marines standing behind him.” He added it was wrong for the White House to allow such an overtly political event and called the administration’s stance against 70+ million people immoral after he encouraged riots in 2020.

The Fox News Channel personality called the speech “nuts” and suggested it was difficult to believe a president threatened the country’s future.

Biden Doubled Down

On Friday, the administration tried to downplay Biden’s extreme rhetoric and claimed he never called Republican voters a threat to democracy. Still, a transcript of the speech may reveal something different. Nonetheless, he doubled down on his rhetoric on Labor Day in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

The president again claimed “MAGA” Republicans were angry, violent, and divisive. He called “Trumpies,” i.e., those who supported and voted for Trump, a threat to Social Security and said they were intent on eroding “personal rights and our economic security.”

It appears he forgot Democrats ordered church doors closed during the pandemic despite the Constitutional right of freedom of religion. Did he forget Democratic COVID policies helped create the supply chain crisis and caused the massive rise in inflation? What about the Democrats’ encouragement of social justice riots in 2020? What about Critical Race Theory, crime, and illegal immigration?

Will voters forget the last 36 months when they head to the polls in 2 months?

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