Tucker Carlson Says Forced Vaccinations Are New “Jim Crow Laws”

Tucker Carlson Says Forced Vaccinations Are New

(UnitedVoice.com) – As more people become vaccinated across the country and businesses reopen, mandatory COVID-19 vaccines are on the minds of many people. Some companies have even started requiring their employees to get them. That, says Tucker Carlson of Fox News, is a big problem.

On the June 1 episode of his show, Carlson slammed companies forcing the vaccine onto their employees. He likened the laws to the racial segregation laws in the South, saying, “Medical Jim Crow has come to America.” The Fox host went on to say that if there were still separate water fountains, the people who refused to get the vaccine would have to drink out of separate ones.

Carlson said he believes businesses are punishing people “for sin” to “find out who has obeyed” their vaccination orders. Mandatory vaccines are wholly un-American. People should never have to disclose private medical information to employers or anyone else. And they certainly shouldn’t be punished for refusing to undergo a medical procedure.

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