Turkey Sending ISIS Fighter Back to US

Turkey Sending ISIS Fighter Back to US

On Monday, Turkey made good on its promise to start sending captured terrorists back to their home countries.

During a press conference last week, Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said:

“Countries can’t just revoke the citizenship of such ex-terrorists and expect Turkey to take care of them; this is unacceptable to us and it’s also irresponsible. Turkey is not a hotel for foreign terrorists.”

So far, there are around 20 people being sent back to France, Germany, Denmark and Ireland. There is one American on the list as well.

The American, who is suspected of fighting for ISIS, was sent to Greece on Monday after requesting to be sent there instead of the US. Once he arrived in Greece, the country refused to let him enter and he was stranded in a buffer zone for a few days.

After making an agreement with the US, the Turkish government has decided to extradite the man back here. In a statement issued by Turkey they said:

“Upon the commitment of the USA to issue a travel document, necessary procedures have been initiated to send the foreign terrorist fighter to the USA.”

A spokesperson from the US State Department has confirmed that they received reports of the US citizen but would not give any further information.

This is still a developing story and we’re keeping an eye on it for you. We’ll update you as soon as more details are available.

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