Twitter CEO Defends the Indefensible Censorship of President Trump

Twitter CEO Defends the Indefensible Censorship of President Trump

( – It’s hard to believe that Twitter, Facebook, and other Big Tech giants began blatantly censoring President Trump and his supporters a week ago. They terminated social media pages and banned him from their platforms. On Wednesday, January 13, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey attempted to defend the indefensible.

While acknowledging the actions of Twitter were drastic and precedent-setting, Dorsey was nonetheless unapologetic. He stated that Twitter somehow needed to defend the country against Trump. However, looking at a lack of past actions makes one wonder what Twitter’s true aim was in censoring the president.

Dorsey’s Indefensible Defense

Dorsey was forced to make a statement in an attempt to stop the bleeding. In a long Tweet rant, the Twitter CEO attempted to redefine the terms of what Twitter did and why they did it. He admitted the ban on Trump divided the nation, harmed free speech, and set a “dangerous” precedent.

He argued that if people don’t like their decision, they are free to go to another platform. However, the other platforms are no better. Facebook banned Trump as well. Later, Amazon and other services followed by cutting off Parler, where Trump and his supporters headed for greener pastures. Dorsey said the companies did not coordinate, but we only have his word on that. However, it is plausible, considering these Big Tech conglomerates’ leadership all share the same leftist views.

Hypocrisy at Best

Twitter’s ban on President Trump is hypocrisy at best. If the company was genuinely concerned about public safety and threats, why wasn’t Rapper Simone banned from Twitter? He uses imagery on Twitter of himself carrying an AK-47. Last summer, Simone was partially responsible for creating the autonomous zone in Seattle. He was directly responsible for violence and property destruction, yet he’s not removed from Twitter.

Almost a week before the 2020 election, Kathy Griffin reposted a disgusting image of her holding a decapitated Donald Trump’s head. Where was Twitter’s outrage and concern about inciteful language then?

The list goes on and on.

What’s the Real Agenda?

Dorsey fails to provide an honest answer. It’s been the goal of leftists in US politics to suppress the free speech of those they oppose. Last week’s riots opened the doors of shame for Trump’s political opponents to label him for the actions of a few. They misquoted and mischaracterized what the president said… and for that, he was banned on social media and impeached once again.

The goal is obvious. It’s okay to silence conservative opposition.

Dorsey’s defense was indefensible.

Don Purdum, Independent Political Analyst

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