Twitter Doubles Down Against Trump

Twitter Doubles Down Against Trump

( – President Trump has used Twitter as his primary means of reaching Americans and voicing his stance on different topics for years. Recently, the social media giant decided to restrict the President’s tweets, placing a content warning on them and disabling comments to prevent them “from reaching more people”.

The White House twitter account reposted the same tweet on its account later the same day. It, too, was censored almost immediately. This led The White House to tweet a screenshot of a terrorist extremist clearly incentivizing violence, which has yet to be censored or taken down.

President Trump recently signed an Executive Order to regulate and eventually revoke Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. This forces Twitter to accept responsibility for violent comments they don’t censor. The goal is to prevent them from cherry-picking what to allow.

The President has just as much right as anyone to express his opinion on situations that unfold on US soil. If that means Twitter must be held accountable for all of the downright criminal topics frequently discussed on its site, revoking Section 230 may be the answer.

But there’s an even bigger concern, here. If the president is unable to demonstrate his right to free speech, what chance do the rest of us have?

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