Two Dozen Animals Dead at Smithsonian National Zoo After Rampage

Two Dozen Animals Dead at Smithsonian National Zoo After Rampage

Deadly Rampage at Zoo

( – Washington, DC, suffered an unthinkable tragedy this week. It had nothing to do with Democratic policies, either, surprisingly. More than two dozen animals lost their lives at the national zoo and the culprit is yet another fox wreaking havoc on the city.

On May 3, the Smithsonian National Zoo and Conservative Biology Institute released a statement revealing staff was mourning the loss of 1 northern pintail duck and 25 American flamingos. The day before, on Monday, the Bird House staff discovered the dead flamingos and spotted a wild fox in the yard. Staff moved the remaining 49 flamingos into their barn. They also put the ducks in a covered, secure space to protect them.

An inspection of the flamingo habitat revealed a softball-sized hole that was not there on May 1. The hole was in the heavy-duty mesh material used by other zoos around the country that surrounds the outdoor yard. Officials didn’t find a breach of the barrier preventing wild animals from digging into the outdoor exhibit. The zoo refortified the flamingo exhibit, set live traps around the outdoor yard to catch predators and set up cameras to detect activity at night.

The investigation into the flamingo massacre and duck death is ongoing.

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