Two-Faced Twitter

Two-Faced Twitter

Two-Faced Twitter

( – Failed comedian Kathy Griffin is facing intense criticism for making threatening suggestions about President Trump. During a White House event dedicated to elderly individuals suffering from diabetes, the President jokingly asked if he should be on “insulin.”

A CNN reporter posted a tweet about what President Trump said at the event and Griffin quickly responded with a threatening suggestion saying that someone should stab him with a needle full of air.

The Washington Examiner responded to Griffin in a linked article saying that stabbing someone full of air can cause an air embolism and can be fatal. Griffin doubled-down and responded.

Donald Trump Jr. posted a tweet attacking Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey on the hypocrisy of the social media platform.

President Trump has yet to respond to Griffin’s tweet but warned social media platforms he will “strongly regulate” them after two of his posts on Twitter were fact-checked this week.

This isn’t the first time Griffin has made suggestive threats about President Trump. In 2017, Griffin posed with a bloodied severed head of President Trump that sent her career on a downward spiral and left her begging for work.

It seems Griffin hasn’t learned her lesson yet.

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