Two Virginia Tech Students Charged with Killing 13 Year Old Nicole Lovell

Two Virginia Tech Students Charged with Killing 13 Year Old Nicole Lovell
Two Virginia Tech Students Charged with Killing 13 Year Old Nicole Lovell

The murder itself allegedly occurred on Craig Creek Road in Blacksburg, but prosecutors did not detail exactly what happened and Keepers maintains that she was not present for the actual murder. Preliminary autopsy results show that Lovell was stabbed to death.
After the murder, the two hid Lovell’s body in the back of Eisenhauer’s Lexus. They drove to separate Wal-Mart’s to pick up supplies to dispose of a the body, including a shovel at one location and cleaning supplies at another.
They settled on a spot off the road in Surrey County, Maryland to dump the body, prosecutors claimed. Three days after Lovell disappeared, authorities received a warrant to search Eisenhauer’s dorm room and while looking through the apartment, Keepers sent him a text reading ‘POLICE’.
After seeing the text, police started questioning Keepers and she reportedly admitted to helping dispose of the body and told them where to find it. She also gave them directions to a suitcase in her dorm room where she had apparently hidden Lovell’s blanket.
Eisenhauer and Keepers attended high schools just five miles apart in Maryland. The nature of their relationship was not previously known, but Keepers’ parents shed more light on how close they were on Thursday, in their failed attempt to get their daughter freed on bond.
Keepers’ mother Sara, an X-ray technician, said she knew her daughter was friends with Eisenhauer but that nothing struck her about their relationship. Her father Tim says that when she had to undergo an appendectomy in the fall, he knows that Eisenhauer drove her to the hospital. Her parents added that she has never been in trouble and that they are a very religious family. “We are pretty close, very strong Christian family,” Mr Keepers said.
Nicole was being remembered Thursday at a private funeral.
By all accounts, she was a lovely but awkward girl, clinging to childhood ways while also telling 8-year-old friends she planned to sneak out to meet her 18-year-old “boyfriend,” a man named David whose picture she displayed on her phone.
Police said she probably carried her “Minions” blanket with her when she vanished. Like others her age, Nicole was tech-savvy, posting on Facebook and chatting using the Kik messenger app. But she also had to take daily medicine to keep her transplanted liver from failing and survived other harrowing health problems that left her with a tracheotomy scar on her neck.