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Australia Says It Can't Rely on US Military for Protection Anymore

Australia Says It Can’t Rely on US Military for Protection Anymore

(UnitedVoice.com) – In 1951, the United States and Australia signed the ANZUS Treaty. The following year it became official, and the two countries solidified their relationship. Since then, the nations have worked closely together. America has even helped provide the Australian government with military support.

Now, the Australian government is speaking out about that relationship and how they no longer believe they can rely on the US military for protection.

Defense Minister’s Remarks

On November 14, Australian Defence Minister Richard Marles gave a keynote address at the Sydney Institute’s annual dinner. During his remarks, he discussed the relationship between his country and the US. He pointed out the two countries still have a strong bond and work together on the Indo-Pacific pact.

Yet, Marles said moving forward, his country needs to take a “hardnosed Australian approach to the defence of [its] interests.” He explained that would mean the country will have to forge relationships with other nations that aren’t the US. “Gone are the days of simply paying the entry price to obtain” guarantees from America that they will be safe, Marles told the audience.

The defense minister said that although the defense capabilities of his country can’t meet those of larger ones like the US, they can “project force and power” by defending the “immediate region” and deterring “military threats.” The Aussies will begin investing in “targeted capabilities” to keep enemy forces at bay. Additionally, they’ll make changes to their military forces to ensure they’re strong.

Indo-Pacific Tension

China has grown very aggressive in the last two years, causing concern among the US and its allies. Additionally, Australia has experienced a strained relationship with the Asian giant. When America and Australia came together in 2021 on a deal over submarines, it caused issues with the Chinese government.

Australians are also concerned about the ongoing human rights abuses in China. The communist government has waged war on Uyghur minorities, and critics have leveled accusations of genocide at the authoritarian regime.

In September, the island’s government released a statement condemning China for its treatment of the minorities in Xinjiang. Australia called on the Chinese government to be transparent about what is happening in the region and allow UN experts to investigate. The communists maintain they aren’t doing anything wrong and said the allegations are nothing more than anti-Chinese slander.

Though Australia and China have a trade relationship, it’s clear there have been concerns. And now, the nation’s government is taking proactive steps rather than just relying on America.

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