UFO Data Confirmed by DOJ

UFO Data Confirmed by DOJ

(UnitedVoice.com) – Believers in alien visitors were given a boost on Monday when the Pentagon released three videos showing what they confirm are Unidentified Flying Objects. The videos are all ones that have been leaked before, but by releasing them, the Pentagon is verifying that they’re authentic – they really do show objects that the military can’t identify.

The Videos

The videos are taken from the Infra-Red Search and Track cameras on US Navy jets, which appear to be fighters going by the configuration of their Head Up DIsplays – and that gives valuable information on the objects that are shown.

One video was taken during an incident over the Pacific in 2004. An F/A-18 Hornet fighter on a training flight spotted an object hovering over the water. As the aircraft approached it started to move, breaking away at high speed. The pilot said, “It accelerated like nothing I’ve ever seen” – and he’s a veteran of catapult launches that go from 0-165mph in two seconds.

The film shows an oblong object, low above the water, traveling in a straight line. It’s more or less just an outline, but it obviously isn’t any known airplane. It also looks too stubby to be a missile and isn’t trailing rocket or jet exhaust.

It’s difficult to tell the size of an object without knowing its distance, but the background to the film is the surface of the ocean and the fighters are obviously at least several hundred feet up. From this, it’s obvious that the object is traveling much faster than a drone, even if a drone could make it that far offshore. It’s moving at aircraft speeds – at least a couple of hundred miles an hour, and possibly much faster depending on how large and distant it is.

Another film was taken at a much higher altitude, above a mid-level cloud layer, off the East Coast in 2015. Both show fast-moving shapes, which again don’t match the shape of any known aircraft or missile. In one clip, a pilot is heard saying, “There’s a whole fleet of them.”

The fact that an object is unidentified doesn’t mean it’s an extraterrestrial visitor; most of the time they turn out to be familiar objects seen in unusual conditions. These videos are definitely interesting, though. The objects they show could be alien craft of some kind. They’re certainly intriguing enough to keep UFO-hunters talking for a good while.

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