Ukraine Orders Evacuation of Dozens of Settlements

Ukraine Orders Evacuation of Dozens of Settlements

( – The Russian war on Ukraine is barreling toward its second year. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin doesn’t intend to pull his troops out of the country he invaded any time soon. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has said he won’t give up any territory. While the two nations are at a diplomatic stalemate, the battle rages on.

Recently, the Ukrainian government issued a mandatory evacuation after the Russian military launched an offensive.

Mandatory Evacuation

On August 10, the evacuations of 37 settlements in the Kupyansk were ordered in the northeastern part of the country. Kupiansk district authorities said, “Do not neglect your safety and the safety of your loved ones!”

The decision to evacuate came after the Russian military began shelling the region. One woman was reportedly killed in the fire. The evacuation order could impact more than 11,000 civilians, including about 600 children.

Major General Oleksandr Syrsky said Russia created a group of eight Storm-Z assault units to attack the Kupyansk region. The Kyiv Post reported the general said the enemy forces are trying to “break through the [defenses] of [Ukraine’s] troops” to advance on the region. He went on to say the fighting is intense, explaining that positions had changed several times over the past few days.

The head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Synegubov, said their goal is to protect the civilians in the area and that the evacuation was “carried out as a protective measure.” He said the Russian military has “intensified shelling of border settlements” and is terrorizing locals with airstrikes.

Ukraine Funding

While the Ukrainian government tries to protect its citizens from Russian invaders, the US is considering whether to send more money. On the same day the evacuation was ordered, President Joe Biden formally requested $24 billion in additional aid for Ukraine. The money would be used to put Kyiv in a position to keep fighting for months. Of the $24 billion, $9.5 billion would be used to replenish inventories of weapons and ammunition already sent to the country. Over $3 billion would pay for intelligence, military, and other support.

When the war first broke out, lawmakers were eager to send aid to the country to counter Russian aggression. While the vast majority of lawmakers still believe that the US should be helping the Eastern European nation, members of the far right are questioning whether America should continue to foot the bill for the war. Some lawmakers want Ukraine to provide an accounting of how they have spent the money already sent to the nation. Others believe European nations should be giving more funding to the war efforts to match what the US has already given.

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