Ukraine Photos Leads to Russian Denial

Ukraine Photos Leads to Russian Denial

( – Harrowing reports continue to flow out of Ukraine as Russia’s invasion of the region continues. The latest involves satellite images showcasing an alleged mass grave in Bucha. Russian officials adamantly deny any involvement, instead accusing Ukrainian officials of provocation.

Following the departure of Russian troops from Bucha, journalists from multiple agencies, including Associated Press and Getty Images, moved into the area to take pictures. What those snapshots revealed was nothing short of devastation.

The captured images showed demolished buildings and numerous bodies lying in the city streets unattended. Maxar Technologies later confirmed the images via satellite imagery.

Reuters reporters said they saw the bodies and a mass grave at a church. Body parts allegedly poked through the ground in several places.

Maxar posted pictures from March 10 and 31 shortly afterward, allegedly confirming the existence of a mass grave measuring some 45 feet long. Reuters could not verify whether the new images came from the same church or a different location. It also remains unclear just how many bodies may be present within the trench.

In an exclusive interview with CBS News on April 3, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed both the images and reports. He likened the situation to genocide and labeled it “The elimination of the whole nation and the people.”

Russian officials have repeatedly accused Ukraine of carrying out atrocities and killing their own people in an effort to manipulate public opinion. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who spoke to Russia’s state-owned news media outlet Sputnik News on April 5, called the images “yet another fake attack.” He also accused the West of sabotaging negotiations.

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